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Our Story

When we officially opened in 2008, never thought we’d be selling items online or even at this point in my crafting life…Thinking back as far as I can, I’ve always had a passion for crafting. I remember going over my friend Tanya’s house when we were in middle school, and seeing her sticker collection…yup I said it, sticker collection. Well that was the beginning of my true craftiness… we always hit up the mall for stickers, and anywhere I saw stickers I’d buy them. Well my bedroom door turned into a work of art. (never took pics, wish I would’ve, it was beautiful). I strategically placed them on my door like I was Leonardo Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa. So thank you Tanya, for stirring up my soul to make beautiful things. As the years progressed, I’d make little things here and there (even tried my hand at going to school for Interior Design)… Yeah, that didn’t work out well. The professor asked the class to draw and paint…that was a total fail…because I can’t draw, nor paint…but now when I think back on it, he wasn’t trying to see if I was going to be a famous artist, he was trying to pull our creativity out of us. Art is in the eye of the beholder…so how you see a leaf and the colors, I might see it differently and have my own interpretation….I’ve seen some crappy art out there, but it has sold for millions. So see…I could’ve been famous by now, if I would’ve just listened and did what my professor asked me to do.

I continued to dibble and dabble throughout the years, creating centerpieces for my wedding, birthday parties/baby showers, etc..but fast forward to 2002 my CIGNA days. My manager at that time always talked about creating scrapbooks, (clueless to what those were) so one day she invited a group of us “cool employees” to her scrapbook party…My friend Angelica and I went…Why? Why? Why?…that opened a can of VERY EXPENSIVE WORMS…I remember and STILL have my very expensive purchases from her party. My poor family was then subjected to my new expensive hobby…scrapbooking/card making. I was addicted, and how fantastic was this? I was back to purchasing my first love…STICKERS…WOOO WHOOOO…it couldn’t get any better than this. My really good friend Danielle(stupid dog), who was also in the beginning stages of creating cards/scrapbooks, turned me on to a scrapbook store close to CIGNA. I’ll never forget my first time…it was like HEAVEN’S GATES OPENED UP…Harps were playing and the angels were singing…She and I would go there during lunch on a daily (oops I mean weekly basis-just in case our families are reading this…LOL) to purchase new items. We were in heaven…

Every Friday, I packed up my stuff and headed to her house…I think we did more cocktailing then we did crafting. I’ll never forget one night, we put our hearts into making what we thought were really great cards. However, when her husband walked in the house and we asked him what he thought of them, he said “those are some busted looking cards”…LOL…so maybe we did do too much cocktailing, but it sure was fun. We continued to invest in our “business” (that never took off the ground) and I continued to take classes at different scrapbook stores. I love Danielle, she is one of the brightest people I know in coming up with “businesses”, but they are only thoughts…lol…and not executed. If you need a concept, reach out to her…LOL. I had invested a lot of money, so decided to pursue the business realm, while she moved on to making jewelry…(I’ll never forget her calling me to say I should start making jewelry with her)…NOT…I told her, you got me hooked on cards/scrapbooking and I’ve invested heavily, so I’m moving forward with my business…my business has evolved over the years, from cards and scrapbook creation, to designs on tee shirts, hats, cups, gift baskets, and more…

The name of my business came easily to me; I have two daughters…and they can be pretty crafty when they want…the youngest more than the oldest, but she’s great at gluing (LOL)…Since I create, design and make unique customized items, why not make the name of my company unique…2Gurlz

I’ve always told my two daughters from when they were little; follow their passion…so that’s what I’m doing now….it’s never too late!

Welcome to 2Gurlz LLC